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Live For Loving You

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Lying awake I turn to you as you are softly sleeping.
I think of what I'd like to do while you are
Somewhere dreaming.
I, I feel so happy by your side, oh why, I
Wonder, wonder, wonder why.
Find it hard to find the words to say what
I am feeling.
I'm so in love, I'm so alive and I know you're
The reason, why
Why I'm so crazy (happy) all the time, oh why,
I wonder, wonder, wonder why.

I need nothing else in live than to hold you
I, oh , I am in so deep I don't need no sleep
Just baby you and me.

Baby, I live for loving you, oh la, la, la, la...
Live for loving you, all I wanna do is love you,
Love you

It would never cross my mind to find another lover.
'Cause after having been with you, there could
Be no other.
I, just touching you I'm satisfied, oh why,
I wonder, wonder, wonder why.
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