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Hit the pavement

You see me through the eyes of spotlights flashing
The sound is blasting, life-casting scenery

You want me the way
You want me to be
Sometimes I get buried underneath
The weight of expectations

It's a long way to fall
From a pedestal built upon a skyscraper
You'll come crashing down so hard
You might not notice till you hit the pavement

You see me as a demi-god
Not as a breathing and feeling being
Still I love to be your illusion

I think and I feel
I doubt and I fail
I bleed when I'm wounded, just like you
I need you, but I fear you

Caught in the spotlight
You'll take a piece of me
Extreme devotion
Try not to strangle me

I don't want to disappoint or let you down
But it's futile to try to please everyone all the time

Afraid just to grow
Afraid now to change
For fear in the end you'll feel betrayed
But after all, I'll manage
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