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The Prywden Sails Again

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King Arthur sails the broken sea,
His ship the summer's pride,
To scale the walls of Caer Siddi
With tested men and tried.
I know but one who sails within
The ranks of Arthur's men
To challenge death at Caer Siddi.
The Prydwen sails again.
The Prydwen sails again.

At Arthur's call, the bravest
Of his knights did take to sea.
Of a legion, seven did return
Who once faced Caer Siddi.
So bear my token proudly, love,
And fight until the end.
I know your banner's carried as
The Prydwen sails again.
The Prydwen sails again.

The Cauldron and the peace it brings
Are nowhere in this land.
May Arthur find them finally
With you among his band.
Keep your shield before you
And your head held high, my friend.
I'll bring my sword to join you when
The Prywden sails again.
The Prywden sails again.
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