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More and more,
this certainty will rise.
It's far too late, until you'll understand.

More than ever,
I feel there is no way.
To make you see,
what's so drownright.

They betrayed the generations after them,
framed their childrens,
left a fateful wisdom you still consume,
consume this matricide.

You still believe,
believe these fatal lies.
Their machines, they kill for us.
But if we refuse,
if we remonstrate at last.

They will go down!
They shall stand still.

How can you be so indifferent
to this creeping ecocide?
I'll fight against this way of thinking,
to make you see, it dies!

This is my war, an Ecowar!
My mother earth will not be assassinated
by these parasites.
This is my war, an Ecowar!
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