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The Worlds in Me

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Deep inside my heart,
where their reign will get no power.
Where their violence can not hurt me.
I will breed the thoughts and ideals,
that bring them down,
down to their knees.

Their poisoned souls are wicked minds,
these eyes have seen the death of freedom,
but no fist ever rose.
This righteous rage consumed by ignorance.
My heart is strong.
One truth
I will not fall.
I'm not alone.
Your lies will burn.

My heart is strong,
I swear I will not fall.
I'm not alone,
I know we'll rise to bear the worlds in us.
They can't erase the world in me
too deep inside, too strong in me.
I'll bring it to life, more than just dreams.

The vision that keeps me upright
their only truth will rot in peace,
crack down their ideals.
I'll watch them burn,
I'll see them fall.
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