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Me and my friend Radical

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Me and my friend Rad have got a lot of moves,

To make it in this race its gonna take all we can give,

Define your own best attribute and learn to shine,

A shade above the rest!

So break a leg and knock em dead or give em hell,

Just play the shit out of these songs,

Like it means everything to me,

Like its my purpose and my place,

If all we are is what we made,

Ive got a lot more left to make!

Radical and me!

So as we make our way through lives adversities,

So many manifestations will integrate,

far beyond me.

Anomaly unto us all,

I am a reaction of observing infinities,

A spectacle of instinct and belief!

Radical and me!

Its time to make the best of what you made ,

so don’t fuck it up and you just might make real,

of all your dreams before your dead,

to live a life without regret,

we’ve got this far without em yet,

and ive got so much more to say,

more shows to play more friends to meet,

so make it every bit worth it,

(God I hope I never give up this)

Radical and me!
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