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Lie With Me

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All the riches count for nothing when I’m holding you
All the dreams of greatness leave me when I’m close to you
Lift me to a realm of ecstasy, I rise with you
Melting in your arms,
I know not if I’m me or you

Come lay me down, I’ll lie with you
I’ll lie here close beside you
Come lay me down, I’ll lie with you
We’ll lie here close together now

Sweet surrender, loving you
I leave this world behind
Bold defender, you protect me when I’m weak inside
Come raise my body, raise my spirit to a life anew
My senses numb, I need to feel that I’m inside of you.

God of pleasure, you have taken me to fantasy
Just how complete I have become, you are the rest of me.
I need your breath to touch my skin and thrill my soul within
We may not rise again, but leaving now would be a sin.
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