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She is here with the damned and the dying
Destroyer of the sons of Mars
This is where there are no angels
This is where all hope is dead.

She is free in her sanctuary
The secret place the Church can’t find
Where she is free to touch some evil
Where she is free to loose her mind.

Messalina, the flames are rising
Messalina, it feels like she’s dying
Messalina, she has damned herself
forever with her own hand

Alone again with her prince of darkness
With his kiss of pure electric fire
Alone again with her fallen angel
Alone again with the Lord of The Flies

Messalina, the ecstasy took her
Messalina, temptation broke her
Messalina, defiled herself in
A moment of weakness

Through the veil and into the vortex
This is where the monsters are
Into the gaping jaw of Hell
Into the breach, the time is now

Messalina, she’s alone in her room now
Messalina, she’s lost in her madness
Messalina, no one can save her now

Messalina, now the gate is open
Messalina, she’s unleashed the devil
Messalina, she’s lost in evil now.
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