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Hedonistic Gene

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Slipping with ease from my feet to my knees
I will please no one else but myself
You are the life force, the lover and saviour
I offer my soul as the prize

You cool lips corrupt with a kiss of desire
That will burn with the fire of delight
Take me and sate me, I love you, I hate you
A taste, then another, another, another
Destruction tastes sweeter each time that you meet her
She's reckless and gives as she takes

I would have more, I would drink more, I would eat more,
I would take more, I would love more
I would live more, I would give more, I would use more
So much more, oh so very much more

Love me and leave me, destroy and deceive me
My destiny's written in blood
Drink and consume, lead me far from this room
I'll escape like a bird to the sky

Crush your intolerance, your stinking abhorrence
Of pleasures and laughter and life
The essence of life is to share our delights
Drink it down for there's more still to come
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