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Sawah, wana mashee layalee ///Vagabond, I'm walking all night
Sawah, walla daree bhalee ///Vagabond, not knowing what I'm doing
Sawah, meil for-a ya ghalee ///Vagabond, and the separation, oh my dear
Sawah, eih elee garalee ///Vagabond, what has happened to me?
Weisneen /// And years

Weisneen wana dayeib bsho' wei haneen///years, and I'm melting in loneliness and tenderness
Ayeiz a-araf bass taree-u meinein///I want to know just where is his [her] road

Wein laakom habibee, saleimulee alei///And if you see my beloved, say "Hello" to him[her]
Tameinuneel asmaranee, amla eil el ghorba fee///Reassure me: how is my brown-looking girl doing so far away
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