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Remorse Is for the Dead

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The dirty lord of the manor surveys his filthy domain
Too many nights raising hell worked a
little all too well
Constructed a monument to denial and excess
Sunk so low, crawled so far back theres nowhere
left to regress
If these walls could talk, they would tell
a horror story
Never-ending winter, violence and infidelity
Shadows fall through broken panes
Careless words that are filled with hate
Just enough to keep it together, never enough
to make it work
All the tongues here are forked
We are a hailstorm of broken glass, follow the
path of least expectance
A huge stinking pile of sick, pile it higher and
Light the match, start the fire
Level this place and take us with it
Surroundings are irate. Crack of dawn brings
naught but pain
Resentment steadily grows
Laughing in the gallows
Full throttle determeined to fail, pedal to the
metal asleep at the wheel
We are the lucky ones, welcome home
Poisoned nerves and a bloody antidote
Violence is not an abberration, Its a rule
Dying beyond the pale
Your beatings will continue until my morale improves
I dont hate you, Im just removing an enemy
Remorse is for the dead, my enemy
Remorse is for the dead.
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