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Uh, catch me im ballin, catch me im ballin, catch me like spalding, catch me like Rawlings, if he MD'd the MC, vitamin like GNC, cats see me like BIG on CMT, did a lil bit of time on BMG, but this right here homie this all me, can you be down, nah nigga CMB (call me back), thats cold that ain't nice G, so what though, lil homie remind me of Ice-T, uh, by the way we share the same birthday, the world play is work but pimpin is easy, so catch me im ballin, im sick too if you ain't catch me like coughin back when i said you should catch me like rawlings its cool cuz most cats that i bump into can't catch me that often, most times i just end up falling, ball for a few then end up walkin, catch me in the ball witha cinderella waltzing, And i do it til its no longer exclusive, might go once, might go twice, but never three times like an auction do it, see i walk into it, i do my thing and tell the owner its cool to let yall into it
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