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how can you call this land we walk on free
two centuries of deception
a system put in place
dollars bear their face
equal rights those who can afford to pay
content to believe what they say
they say democracy
i scream a scam
big bucks from big business buy uncle sam
no conspiracy it's apathy
we the people can't seem to just open our eyes
content to believe all their lies

hey they gotta go
how can we take back what was ours
you gotta know
what they are doing to you

kids die for their country
but they can't buy beer
they'll outlaw what's natural
motive unclear laws are put into place
their morals in my face
but we got an ace up our sleeve
opression plants rebellion's seed

now the time has come
to say fuck what they've said what they've done
yeah we're young and dumb
but as asume
we are worth more than one
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