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Odin - Germany 2007

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In the hall of the slain
Valkyries and heroes attend me
Ravens and wolves at my side
Forever they did befriend me

I paid an eye for a drink of mead
And was given wisdom supreme
Granted to me the secrets
Of magic, of life and death

Aaah.. speared hung upside down
Nine days and nights no food nor mead
The will to be a sacrifice
Of myself unto myself

Wisdom and rhyme
Sorcery, death living inside me
Of life and death I am king
For both do i bring by sword and spear and ring

Raise thy weapons on this day
Ye shall not die alone
Fight and die let valkyries fly
For they shall take thee home

I promise thee that on this night
Ye shall be by my side
Asgard's halls await with hero's
Brothers that have died

For thee we wait at Asgard's gates
Come join us by our side
Valhalla waits so choose thy fate
For all of us must die!
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