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Break You

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I was your girl, gave you my world
My everything
But you wouldn't see

I had your back
I backed you up
whatever I did
was never enough

Just you... you
That's all you ever thought about
You... you
No one matters like you do
what goes around comes around
You should know by now

Bet you never thought that I could break you
Did you think that i would look the other way
Yeah you had it all figured out
But tell me who's the one who's crying now

The palm of your hand, that was your plan
gave me no time but now you want mine
It's all about take you took too much
Nothing inside I'm all used up

Come on
You... you
Nothing else matters like
You do
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout
Don't you
what goes around comes around
You should know by now

All your one night stands ( should've thought about that )
Says she's just a friend ( should've thought about that )
Are you satisfied now' ( should've thought about that )
cause you can't hold me down

Not now I wanna thank you 'cause now I'm free
I can breath again and I'm never going back to you
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