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Falling Away

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He comes to me
He comes to me and I'm already gone
He doesn't see
He doesn't see that we're hanging on
Blocking out the pieces of today
Trying to get back to yesterday

We're falling away
And there's nothing left but rain
No, there's nothing left here
All I hear is silence as I say
We're falling away
We're falling away
Falling away

I go to him
I go to him and he's not really there
We can't begin
We can't begin to go anywhere
All is done, there's nothing left to say
Memories of his smile fade to grey

How can we care
When it's so clear
That we're not ending up where we're supposed to be
Just forget now
Let's forget somehow
Let's not regret all the things we used to be

My eyes still blur
My eyes still blur from refusing to see
I'm just not sure
I'm just not sure that we're meant to be
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