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...It's not you it's the way you live
It's the hardest step to take in existence
Your mind is hanging back with persistence
Will you ever be certain
That there's anything at all behind
the curtain of religion...
Is there more to life than self preservation
Should I really put myself to purgation
should I lie for tomorrow or
Another life, that seems more hollow
- than religion
- It's not there
- to share, what have I missed?

Esoterics for freak generics
Listen to me I've tried Sufi
What d'you know, what do you know
They tell me that Religion
Isn't such a new thing
It started many years ago
Don't you ever need to ask them
What the hell they were doing
Did they crucify their god
just for show?

Get baptized or you will never be buried
Before your heart and soul are being ferried
By our Charon, St. Peter - be sure
That you stock up your meter with
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