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[Verse 1:]
I just burnt my american flag
And sent 3 cracker nazis to hell and I'm sad
Ugh I'm loadin teffs in my mag
To send these redneck biggots some death in a bag
Choke him out with his confederate flag
I know these devils are mad
Little rap fans that live way out in safe suburbia
Would you stand with me a united states murderer

Would you testify you buy my songs you buy my songs but would you ride with me

[Verse 2:]
You understand my struggle that's what u claim right
And get your aim right
And get your game tight
Don't buy my songs you don't roll with it
Coming to concerts singing ho and shit
Fuck y'all little little ho bitches
I don't need you I'll go gold with it
I heard y'all was downloadin it
Like I'm your man who be exposed an shit
Like a william cooper
Who told you the pale horse is the future

Would you testify with some realness like that I think you scared I don't think you prepared you know what I'm asking you do you know what I'm asking you
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