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In my room where I used to sleep with you
Things have changed all that's left are the mem'ries of two
Two who loved and dreamed where the trees seem to whisper your name
But I don't like to go there 'cause Rosewater no longer feels the same

Through the glass the sun shows the marks on the wall
Seasons pass and you know how it looks in the fall
Here at my Rosewater the grass is a deeper green
And a calm surrounds her when love was here
The warmest place I've ever been

As I walk the echo of empty I hear and I feel that this house is not home
And now we're not here, it's lonely; the stairs seem to beckon me stay
But dreams are better treasured than slowly eaten away

Christmastime when snow filled your garden with white
And the moon's cold patterns on windows at night
Now you'll make a new home for people as hopeful as me
Harbour their dreams and their secrets
But don't ever, please, don't ever Rosewater, forget about me
Forget about me
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