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A Waste of Time

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Hi there
Should I've asked you what's your name?
Should you've asked me the same?
But dig
Let's not be wasting our time
Let's not lead each other blind
If you don't want me
My heart can't strain, yeah, another time

There's only 24 hours in a day
And that don't leave much time to play
I don't dig that no way, honey
Coz my heart can't take it, no, another day
Listen to me honey

I've been told by many different girls
'Otis I love you, oh boy'
They tell me this from the bottom of their soul
But they didn't mean it
Listen, I

I've been let down, yo
Hit the ground
And called the biggest, the biggest fool
Biggest fool ever walked on this ground

I can't stand it, no no no no,
To be built up, way on up, and let down
Being loved, yo, is home in my mind
I don't like that
I like for it to be from the heart

And I found out later on I was wasting my time
Just a waste of time yeah

Somebody understand what I'm saying
What I say
It's just a waste of time

If you don't want me mama
Don't just leave me hanging
Don't just let me waste my time, no no

Somebody gotta get the message to me
No I don't wanna
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