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The Broadcast

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We´re got a chance and we`ll take it;
We may win or we may lose;
We may even have to cut and run for it.
Well, it won`t be the first time I`ve run
And it won`t be the first time I`ve been caught.
It`s the game that matters.
Brother, I am proud to know you.
This is one of the greatest moments I have ever
I think I sense the situation when we can all
esteem it, and honour,
To breathe the rather inferior atmosphere in this
Here along with our little friend.

I guess we should all go home and treasure the
memory of his face
As the whitest thing in our museum of
And, perhaps, this good woman will also go home
And wash the face of our little brother here.

I`m inspired with a new faith in mankind.
Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to present to you
A sure enough saint only one a halo to be
Stand right on.
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