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I've got to leave now
Leave this frozen and overcrowded town,
and catch the first train,
not knowing its destination.
I 'm gazing at people
each of them, those lifeless things,
as I travel through the
moody and rainy autumn night.

Metal grates on metal,
the shrilly scream of the
brakes wake me. People get down,
staring at me strangely,
I glare at them
and they hasten out,

I can feel vibrations running through my body
as the machine starts again...
All alone in the car,
the last station is near,
I find it empty,
I'm alone with the night.
Guided by the echoes
of melancholia,
I'm walking up the dimly lit path.

I'm swallowed by the cool
and obscure night,
the wild and cold surroundings
graze my skin.
Excited by my senses,
I run towards a glade.
Trees in the moonlight thow
bars upon the ground.

Above me, the full moon is shining
and I shoot a sharp look at it.
My eyes are crying,
how could I resist it?
My throat, freed from its lump,
utters a long howl.
It's been a long time since
I was no longer Human.
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