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Did you miss me

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Baby] (Petey Pablo)
Oh yeah
North Carceezy!
Oh yeah
Cash Money ha
Get the money baby
Get this money baby
It's Birdman baby
Freezy you did the damn thing boy
(*Petey Pablo comes in*)
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Holla at ya boy, Birdman!
Oh yeah
Uh huh

Ay ay
See I came around early
It was me and Ms Birdy
It ain't nothing to a pimp
It ain't nothing to a baller
Worldwide hustling known shot caller

Yeah yeah
When I came through dippin'
In the Bird Benz
With the Birdman and some Bird friends
I got big wheels
And every time I'm in the club it's a big deal

Mama on everything (oh yeah)
God bless the day and the 20 inches
Came around the corner with the slab on rags (alright)
Think about my dad and the shit we had

Ooh Lord, I remember yesterday
Trippin' hittin switches in a white on white tray
Caught a Bird with the Bird the very next day
Down to Carolina where is Petey

[Petey Pablo]
I tried to tell ya'll
It about to happen
Ayo Baby
How we're gonna have the Birdman and the Helicopter
Man on the same track
Yo Mannie, you cut the fool on this track
TQ, I see you boy
You out from West Coast to New Orleans and North

Give a fuck what them New Orlean do
You know how I do
Mashin on 22's
I got a caddy to it
And a jag and a Benz and a corvette
Just like baseball ?bit?
I'm on deck ballin cat
All ya'll should call me that
Took mine, dip mine
Trippled the stack
Who's fucking with that
Carolina, Cash Money
Man, Mannie what you do to this track
TQ, Bird, Petey on the same jam
I'll be GOD DAMNed! It's on now!
And I dont expect you to understand
And this is for grown man
You standing on some dangerous land
And this time I got a master plan
I got a man with papers to handle the pistols
So I don't have to tj-tj-tj-tj
I done had it up to here with this shit
Take this track to the label
Here's your single bitch!

[Petey Pablo] (Baby)
(Petey Pablo baby!) ??all the time, boy
(Cash Money number 1!) You know ??
(C'mon) C'mon
(Mannie Freezy!) Show em how to do the time, Baby
(Prrrrr) Birdman, Helicopter Man, oh
Boy is crazy, boy
North Carolina to New Orleans, baby

[Petey Pablo]
We got some questions of my home town
While I was gone working on this album
Racking my brain going through all types of problems
Cause the world would never get passed the first
single I dropped
The whole album was hot
Bottom to the top
And this time I'm giving ya'll a whole enchilada
Rappin hard I went back to the drawing board
Got me a sharper sword
Jumped on the right horse
Good Lord!
It ain't a game anymore
It's a rain forrest of wack shit and I don't want no
part to it
I done built me a fort I'm prepared for it
If the boat do sink, dawg, I won't on it
I was on the damn flight to New Orleans
And do a song with Souljah from Magnolia
Holla if you hear me
And I ain't dis, trip, flip script on none of my
It's Carolina till I die, whody!

[Petey Pablo] (Baby)
What ya'll gotta say about that there
You better told em (Petey Pablo, baby!)
I told em (Petey Queezy be!)
Oh Lord (North Carceezy and ?Bird Beezy?, baby)
(NO and NC, baby)
(We doin it real real real big)
(So so so fly)

We fly, Baby
We fly
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