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Fool's Gold

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Some say this life I live is only foolishness
No waiting pot of gold in the faith that I possess
But the treasures of this life will slowly turn to dust
And this fool will find his gold in the Savior that I trust
Fool's gold
It's waiting in a crown
Fool's gold
In a city coming down
I'll leave the gold I can't afford for
For the higher prize I'm pressing toward
I'll preach the "foolish" cross of Christ and wait for my reward
Fool's gold
The wisdom of the cross is easy to receive
But only foolishness to them that don't believe
They may say that I'm a fool for the cross that I proclaim
But the gold that I must seek won't be found in earthly things
When the crowns of gold are laid before His feet
Then the worthy Lamb of God is a treasure we will keep
Some may call me foolish, some may call me odd
But I'd rather be a fool in the eyes of man than a fool in the eyes of God
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