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I Chronicles 15:22, 27
Words by Bob Hartman, John Lawry & Danny Klingen
Music by John Lawry & Danny Klingen
Kenaniah of the Levites appointed by the king
To teach the songs of Zion, to lead them as they sing
Your song is not forgotten, we hear it in our souls
Let it burn and burn within us
(And) Fan the sacred coals

Kenaniah, Kenaniah, we will sing your ancient song
Kenaniah, Kenaniah, we will sing it loud and strong
Gathered for the battle, Kenaniah led the way
As the singers closely followed him they all began to pray
The musicians all assembled, Kenaniah gave the word
Through the raging battle zone the anthem could be heard
Sing unto Jehovah of his wonderous ways
Sing a song of triumph, sing a victory song
And in the cloud of witnesses Kenaniah sings along

Kenaniah, Kenaniah, through the ages it will ring
Kenaniah, Kenaniah, to Jehovah we will sing
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