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From the first day you stole my heart
You took it for granted, you broke it apart
Oh oh oh oh

You never wanted to be
Mine and now I see
It's touch and go
I know you know that I need you so

You've taken the stars, you robbed the moon
My glass heart, it shatters shatters for you
Ou ou ou ou

Cut on the jagged edge
I'm bleeding for you
My world is red
I'm fading fast
Don't think I can last
I feel myself goin'

I'd die for you
You've sacrificed
Our love is true
I'll never see
Why you want me to be your sacrifice

I wished a thousand wishing stars
To earth they come crashing since we broke apart
Oh oh oh oh

Up in flames go my dreams
Burnt into ash or so it seems
My world is black there's no going back
There's no starting over

I'd die for you
You've sacrificed
How we are through
You've sacrificed
Our love could do
Why can't you see
What you're doin' to me
I'll never be
What you want me to be
Your sacrifice
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