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Fun Tonight

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We're gonna have some fun tonight, fun tonight
I am the Raven
We're gonna have some fun tonight

Check the check the check the mood you know I got plan to hang with my crew chillin' this timme without you on a regular keyback, sit back and talk on a cellular phone have a simple party order pizza out check out some videos you see selling out
Put on some makeup and play around the school lookin' fly in them shoes everything that am odd
Just because I'm young do'nt mean I'm dumb when it comes to the partys I'm the flavor of the fun next time to give jam make sure you invite me I got all the gimmicks make sure I'm lookin' right
See four feet tall, seven years old when I'm downo n the mic I'm a sister-not-to-be-sold
So much to do and so little time so sit back and let me grrowl

We're gonna have some fun tonight (fun tonight)
I am the Raven
We're gonna have some fun tonight
I am the Raven

I betcha a buck that you never seen a young girl shootin' to be cool, largin' 'round trhe world
But the big little boss at the top of the tower, Rave'ns in effect cause I got the power
It's two'o'clock I'm heading to the playground I'll be back by three cause mama don't play around
Move to fast let me take it slow and change out the beat
Changin' the flow, yeah, that'll make it hotter for you to bump styles so you shouldn't even bother 'cause when it cause to fun well I'm better than your act, yes the RAven walks around with her nest on a disk!
Not a superwoman, just a supergirl, give me ike mic and let the Raven take you 'round the world! Do a time tunnel, the party's just begun , stick around we're gonnsa have sme fun!


I think I can I think I can I Think I can I can do it! (you can do it)
I know I an, I know I can I know I can c'mon! (c'moN!)
Back and forth, lift it back then to the front
I know whatcha need gonna give ya whatcha want
Me and my girls are gonna play with the toys mkake noise I'm talking 'bout the boys
All night long causse we we got all night you should come along cause the party will be hype
No school tommorow so you know we're gonna chill, snd t's ILL and we will STILL have fun tonight!

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