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Rain (Acoustic Version)

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[Special Edition Bonus Track]

Left on my own don't know where
I should begin to look it's involuntary instinct
Controls my every footstep, westward through haze the voice of shadows whispers in my ears
Alaskan forests to the sea

Keeping all faith alive I fall into the rain
Let me go, let me go
My soul drenched in the rain - the rain

I light two candles in the window of my mind
The wind that threatens I've no words left to describe
Resisting the fates
When mercy comes to shelter me
Over and over I am witness to the signs
Evil's more focused as we near the end of times
Praying so hard that your shelter comes to cover me

What kind of world is this that
It should come down to this oh
Each day the pressure building
In Biblical proportion
I've seen extremes from love to war
They both are walking here
And echoing prophetic song

Plagues and famine and hate
All fall into the rain, let it go, let it go
The whole world floods in the rain - the rain

We lose horizons they just vanish as we run
Chess moves in silence glacial patience under gun
The marching of time
When mercy comes to shelter me
Fragments of truth are out there blowing in the wind
I cry for loved ones and removal of the sting
I just can't let go
Your shelter comes to cover me

In desperation we make moves and never know
Their antidote is poison and my blood runs cold
Stoking the flames
When mercy comes to shelter me
You want the truth but do you want insanity?
Peering 'round corners paranoid calamity
Hold on to what's real
Your shelter comes to cover me

Finally in death do you become as once in life
Evil for evil do you pay the highest price
Just let it burn
When mercy comes to shelter me
My flesh and blood it's all that's left my heritage
From life to death to dust so through the woods I search
Complete disconnect
Your shelter comes to rain on me
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