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A Better View On A Bitter World

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See through
This constant struggle
Blinding you from what
Matters the most
Escape the prison you're in
The walls of your regret
The freedom calling you
If only you will stand

Do what it takes to make you
Move on from what will take you
Away from everything
Think about the failures and
Release yourself from that fall
The poison in your words
And forget
The ones who've brought you there

One last chance to stop
the thoughts from overwhelming
This isn't the way
To let yourself go
Keep your head up
And take them

Just keep it coming
Knock me down
And I won't let you keep me down
This time
This isn't what my lifes about
The final say is mine

With your deception
The signs ring out like
The lies you spit


And I know what
It means to suffer
Through the pains and trials that
We must
Endure always
But to stand
Is to have survived.
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