Texty písní Soundtrack - Upíří deníky (2009) 1 série 15 díl Sound Team Your Eyes Are Liars

Sound Team Your Eyes Are Liars

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I can remember now
My eyes are opening
For the first time in my life
My eyes are opening!
Paper bag
You're punching holes
Fit a parade into
Finish line
Where you stand
And you ask me to race with you

But I believed everything you said to me
Were you lying when you told me
You'd be showing up in my dream?

Is it a good time now?
A new voice comes answering
I let you get your breath
Before we forget what's happening!
We're saying so long
We're waving goodbye
Some day we'll lok back and roll our eyes
See them taking a swing
And knocking the smiles off of their own faces

But all of this discussion
Why all this discussion?
I'm going some place I have never been before
I wish you'd just stop talking

Do it for 'em one more time
Do it for 'em one more time, boys
Let's take 'em back to wehre we came from
Before we say GOODBYE.
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