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Big Lie Small World

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I sat down and wrote this letter
Telling you that I felt better
Since you´d gone and I was free
I´m so happy

I have so little time to spare now
I´m wanted almost everywhere now
I make out like Casanova
Friends are always coming over

I signed my name as if I meant it
Sealed it with a kiss and sent it
The letter had improved my mood
Happy in my solitude

But halfway home I changed my tune
And when I saw my lonely room
The mirror caught my eye
When I sit down I cry

Big lie, small world
Big lie, small world

I had to intercept that letter
Telling you that I was better
I raced to catch the postman´s van
He was leaving as I ran

I miss the bus I miss the train
I end up walking in the rain
Big dog chased me down the street
I hadn't had a bite to eat

Feeling sorry for myself
Wishing I was someone else
I walked across the city
'Cause I couldn´t stand your pity

Big lie, small world
Big lie, small world

The place you live looks opulent
And obviously a higher rent
Than our cosy little room
I had this sense of doom

The landlord says you´re out of town
That your new boyfriend´s always around
The hour was getting late
So I sit down and wait

Here´s the postman with my letter
Coming down the path, he´d better
Give that thing to me
I have to make him see

Begging doesn´t do the trick
He thinks that I´m a lunatic
And then who comes upon the scene
But your new boyfriend Mr. Clean

I hit the postman, hit your lover
Grabbed the letter ran for cover
The police arrived in time for tea
Said they´d like to question me

I can only curse my fate
I have to face the magistrate
It hasn´t been the best of days
I´d like to fly away

Big lie, small world
Big lie, small world

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