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A Blackened Shield

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I see a hammer smashed upon
A burning shield...

Nightfall came to join me
And with it a nameless fear
I ran away through woods of stone
I never felt so alone

Always looking behind
A fear undefined
But I was feeling strong as I see

It's slowly coming into sight
I prepared to fight
With giant leaps it came upon me

To chain my body
To blaze a trail
Through my valour
To take my gods and my freedom away

When eve was fallin' I was almost crawlin' - my fate was sealed
Desperately I was fighting and untiringly I stroke back
I stood my ground with a blackened shield
Nothing would beat me
Nothing would withstand my grim attack
With my beckoning spear - And a blackened shield

Death is all around me
But at least I am free

Chain my body
And blaze a trail
Through my valour
You won't take my freedom away

Then in the distance o' times to come
I saw a mon on the Highland shore
Gaitherin' troops, beatin' drums
Fer freedom to come
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