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I can't believe how
deep I am lost in the ocean
of words what crushed me badly
frozen winter past
just take me down
just take me down

I am just looking, looking for something
just crushed and down
it is Monday
daydreams coming
through eyes directly
and on the summer sky
you could see end of the rainbow

she wore the tears
and I am little confused
that is no make sense at all
selection and infection
just take me down
just take me down
my name is you
midday shadows

I came as ice, I came as star
it is Monday, daydreams coming through eyes
through eyes directly

I wanna go away, I wanna move over there
I am gonna look out of the window
I wanna go back to sleep
does anybody know a way
that I could see you float away
over my head
does anybody know a way
how deserve

she is come to find me
to come and find me

just take me down
my dazzle princess
just take me down
you're frozen queen
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