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Dark Asteroid

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Hey ho, ever so ever so
There's a magical place to go
It's a dream reaction set in a catacomb - catacomb
For the Technicolor whimsical gramophone

And I can see you
You took the axe to slice the cake
Didn't you know?
You ruined the show
It's time you should go

Green fields, never seen it this way
High tide, drop out and drift away
Maybe time runs backwards, yesterday is today - today
Change the war divisions into a love parade

And I can hear you
Don't recognise what you have become
A corporate brand
Boring and bland
Throw in your hand

Fuzz tone, echoing through the hall
Screaming and spiralling through the wall
Did the games for May end up in a free for all - for all
Turn your favourite madman into the King of Cool

But I can't touch you
That bargepole there is just out of reach
Filling a void
Dark Asteroid
So, who's paranoid
(turn away)
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