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Caught up the Reeperbahn

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I Was Feeling Blue, She Made Me Feel Guilty
When I Took That Trip To Deutschland, Germany
She Said I Am A Man, Keep Out Of The Reeperbahn, Mind You

Nick Off Is What I Said, I'll Please Myself Instead
& You Can Drop Down Dead, To Hamburg I Am Headed
I Don't Want No Debates, Now I'm Off With Me Mates.
Toodle Oo
I Said Stuff You!

Reeperbahn, The Reeperbahn, Caught Red Handed
Reeperbahn, The Reeperbahn, She Said "Don't Go There Man"
Reeperbahn, The Reeperbahn, Oh Caught Up The Reeperbahn

I Told Her To Trust Me, I Agree In Honesty
Believe Me She Did Not, She Knew I Was A Sex Pot
I Did Not Feel At Ease When I Left The Strip-Tease,
I Screamed As She Seized Me!

It Was Just A Laugh, I Said Don't Be So Strict
I Did Not Tell Her What Went On Up The Red Light District
You're All The Same You Men, You Better Say Auf Wiedersehen
Coz You Won't Be Comin' Here Again!

Caught Up The Ree...Perbahn
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