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My wife is a psychopath

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I Couldn't Wait For My Blind Date
I Did Not Sleep That Night
Could I Catch The Perfect Match
Would She Be Mrs. Right!?
A Quiet Lass So Middle Class
Dignified, Meek & Mild?
I Faced The Wrath Of A Psychopath
& A Woman That Went Wild

Before Too Long It All Went Wrong
She Weren’t The One For Me
But I Was Trapped
When I Got Slapped By A Raving Loony
She Got Mean, She Caused A Scene
I Said "You're Not My Type"
But I Gave In, How Could I Win?
As She Threw Another Swipe...Ferociously

My Wife's A Psychopath
Throws A Fit Then She Hides In The Bathroom
My Wife's A Psychopath Aooeee
My Wife's A Psychopath. Always On The Warpath
After Me, Mentally Deranged!

I'm Black & Blue, I Said "We're Through"
I'm Cuts N' Scrapes N' Scars
She Clenched Her Fist, I Ducked, She Missed
So I Kicked Her Up The Arse!
She Yelled & Squealed As I Revealed
I Had Learnt Some Self Defense
I Smashed Her Face In, Just In Case
Coz I Hate Violence...It's Not For Me

Psycho Psycho She's A Bleedin' Psycho
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