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Stoker Is A Boy In Blue And He Must Be The Worst
He's A Copper!
Stoker Someday He'll Get You But You Won't Be The First
He's A Copper
He's A Police Constable That Makes Us Feel Uncomfortable
He's A Copper
No More Football In The Street
Or Neckin With Your Girlfriend
Stoker's On The Beat Again

He's A Bobby He's A Joker
He's A Bobby We Want Dead
He's A Bobby P.C. Stoker
Why Can't We Have A Decent Copper
Proper Copper Instead?

Stoker Loves To See A Fight He Really Goes To Town
He's A Copper
Stoker's Smiling With Delight He's Took Somebody Down
He's A Copper
He'll Prove You Guilty In The Court You'll Wish That You Had Never Fought
A Copper
Don't Cry Or Shout Or Scream Or Yell
There's Nothing You Can Do
When Stoker's In The Cell With You

The United Team Supporters Have Invaded The Pitch
That's P.C. Stoker's Quarters So He Finds His Talky Switch
I Need Some Help Down Here Boys There's Punks And Skinheads Too
And We All Hate P.C. Stoker & We Hate The Boys In Blue.

Stoker's Rather Fed Up Coz There's No One Else To Nick
He's A Copper
Someone Soon Will Kick His Head In Just You Wait N' See
It Needs Somebody Tough Coz We've All Had Enough
Yes It Needs Somebody Tough
But I Think It Could Be Me
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