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Behind The Mirror

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All is a joke, just the truth's not
I can´t feel pain or disappointment
I was different I could be happy
strong emotions can change every soul.
I only dream, I' m standing behind the mirror
I only feel, I' m not empty anymore
No more just words
to finish sorrow and wins the last one.
No more just words
all the bad thought start listening the world.
I' m only slave of my feelings
I think by brain and live by body.
I always done with my best aim,
but sweetness of sin has eaten me up.
I only breathe air clean as never before.
I only dream I' m standing behind the mirror.
I take pen to my hand
write some cheerful poem
and to deep into myself.
That how it is, no point to be
without the pain, which is forming
to the perfect
I' m not thinking to start to be alive
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