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Don´t wanna get to know me no-o
Just one of your nights
When you´re gonna show the world ho-ow
You take what you like
I-I can see through your lies
I-I crush similiar guys
The Hugo Boss shirt is way too tight
Even tighter than mine
The saddest thing you´re almost thir-ty five
You wanna buy my body no-o-ow
But I´m not for sale
It´s so much fun
To tease and watch you fail

These feet won´t be walking through your door
You are just wasting your time
This skirt won´t be lying on your floor
Your ego´s flying too high
My bra won´t be hanging on your wall
No trophies for you tonight
But you could be doing so much more
Than chasing airy delight

All I hear is: me, myself and I
Who do you think you are?
The braggin´ only brings you down, down, down
No money in the world could help you out
Take your drinks and be gone
Wake up get real
Or end up all alone
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