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Straigh to you

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I slip and I fall breakin´ down but try to get me back up again
I´d go out of my mind and out of my way to make it come to an end
I´d easily try a shot up my veins a drink for my head a lovin´ on the side to break away
But what´s the point when all it does is leave you empty and alone instead

I found the answers
To all the questions that always dragging me down
I feel the madness
Now I know what I gotta do I´m runnin´

Straight to you
I don´t wanna cry no more
This is why I´m runnin´
Straight to you
I could never be without you
I lose my way without you
Straight to you
Nothing in this world has ever felt the way you do
I´m sick of being bad it´s about to drive me mad
So I´m runnin´ straight to you

It´s time to believe what goes down instead of walkin´ round without a clue
It´s an out my head and in to my heath decision I will have to do
I´d easily try to fake and to lie, turn round and deny a tript to make me go out of my mind
But what´s the point when all the pain you cause will only make you die insid
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