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Speed Demon

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Manifold Is Boiling
Exhausts Are Spitting Flames
Miles Of Cubic Inches
And Petrol In Their Veins
Fire In Their Bodies
Vibrations In The Air
Forbidden Rules Are Fingered
Danger - They Don't Care
Zero To Destruction - Devastation Calls
Crash Annihilation - Hell And Fire Roar
Headlights Screaming Carnage - Synchronicity
Metal Cage Corrosified - His Reality
Out Of All Control He Is
The Speed Demon
Speed Demon - Ready For The Race
Maximise The Traction For
The Speed Demon
Speed Demon - He Will Choose The Ace
Red Zone Revolutions
Millions Of Octane
Faster Is The Master
Disaster Is His Name
Chequered Flags Are Lowered
Overdriven Speed
Nothing For The Coward
It's All You Ever Need
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