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Whispers In The Dark

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The Silent Times - They Are The Worst
So Still And Unforgiving
You're All Alone - You Fear The Words
The End And The Beginning
They're Calling You - They Call Your Name
And Then You've Got To Answer
Is Nowhere Safe - No Way To Hide
Beware The Devil's Chancer
Inside The Spark Of Pestilence
Is Hiding In Us All
And When You Hear The Evil Words
You're Ready To Be Called
Here They Come - Have Their Fun - Twisting Minds
Whispers In The Dark
So Beware - Just Take Care
Whispers In The Dark
A Look That Kills - A Breath That Hates
Takes Over On The Inside
A Game That Thrills - The Open Gate
To Hell And Back - A Joyride
A Visit To The Underworld
An Easy Way To Fool You
And When You Don't Know Where To Go
A Wrong Turn And They'll Doom You
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