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Well hello baby
Come sit down, make your self comfortable
Tell me somthing, how long have we known each other?
About ten months huh?
Say what's that on your finger? An engagement ring?
So you and John are getting engaged, huh?
You know he's a mighty lucky guy
Should be proud to have a woman like you
Listen, I've got something to tell you

Don't think I'm getting fresh or anything like that
But this things been bugging me for a long time you know
And its getting heavier each and every day
And I've just gotta get it off my chest
See I've never seen anyone like you
I've never known anyone like you

Let me take me back to my childhood a while
See we had a medium size family you know, we weren't rich
But my mother tried to bring us the best she could
Didn't commit no crime nor nothing
But I had to reach manhood to commit this crime
According to the code of love, if there is such a code
See love is a thing well, you know?

It's a bit like quicksand
The more you wriggle the deeper you sink
And when it hits you you've just got to fall
That's why I do believe that I am guilty
Guilty of loving you
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