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Visions Part I

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When you're travelin
Don't you lay your head
Alone under the trees
Your body is a seed.

Find me where the mouths
Are feeding
Can't get stuck upon the peak
The sky's too close to me.

Behind your back
You see the canvas
Turning apple, gray, and peach
A spiral wind of leaves.

The girl is sighing
Cause the bats are out
And fluttering their wings
And swimming up the beach.

Are you fast asleep tonight?
You can't meet the morning too
Where you stay is up to you.
Do you wonder why you're here?
Is your happiness your pain?
Cause your luck can surely change.

When you're leaving
Heading back to where you came from
Don't you see?
Your eyes are glistening.

From all you've seen
And all you heard.
You'll live perpetually.

Written by Ryan Egan.
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