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My love lives at the end of the rainbow
One day I'm gonna fly there on a firefly
High above the wild endless water
With a love song in my heart

Someday somehow I know I'm gonna get there
I've been patient for so long
All my daydream seems so much nearer now
And I beg you hear my song

Firefly and your glowing wings are right
Till I sit beside this dream of mine
Firefly high on the rising tide
Only wanna touch the things I've seen

Stepping in lighting from star to star
Cross the wilderness of youth
Wondering how much in love with me you are
'Cause I'm so much in love with you

Firefly can you take me
I ain't had no loving lately
Firefly bring me love
To my new horizon
The one that I still got my eyes on
My my Firefly

In my dreams you come to me
The answer to my prayer
As I begin to feel you warm my heart
I awake and you are not there
Now and then I see your eyes
As the star begin to shine
No rain to cool my passion
No not now you're mine
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