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Ooooooooo- gotta know ya
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
All right fellas- let's do it

[Verse 1]
Yo ma, we got this thing right? (Thing right)
It's like, makin' me think like (Think like)
It's like fillin' my heart up
Not makin' me hazy, just
Fillin' my mind up with all of these maybes
I'm trying to figure exactly the thing
It's like, got me wreckin' my brain
It's like, tryin' to put words to a smile (Smile, smile)
But like, trying to figure out, forget it- look
It's really kinda hard to explain
How ya smile been burnt in my brain (Oh ya)
And how ya purfume sing a sexy song to my nose
And how ya finger tips gentle like the petales of roses
Maybe it's the way you comb your hair (Comb your hair)
Or maybe it's them stylish cloths you wear (Style you wear)
Or maybe it's them little things you do
Or maybe it's just you (Maybe just you)

Maybe it's your attitude (Attitude)
Maybe it's your point of veiw (Point of veiw)
Mabye it's the time we spend together (Together)
Mabye we could do this thing forever
Mabye it's your soldier ways (Soldier ways)
Mabye it's golden gaze (Golden gaze)
Maybe it's the way we blend together (Together)
Maybe we should do this thing forever

Remember we met with shakin' T-shirt that first night?
That was the worst night, right?
Well, I mean, we had fun and all, ya, that's true
But you had somebody else and I did too
So it felt like karma and fate had formed a team
To keep me from the girl of my dreams
But in the end, I made friends with hope and destiny
And then, well, the rest is history
But yo, it wasn't easy though, trust
I mean, tryin' to turn you and me into us
You my hommie, my lover, my best friend
The White House to the ghetto
You blend right in and I dig that
I could never imagine this passion I feel
I mean, couldn't imagine it could last what I feel
But if somebody do something to you?
Shoooot, girl I might just.....


I must tell you how I love you
Mabye your my soul-mate
Maybe my best friend
You made me and molded me
A better man, yes I can believe in love
Ooo ya ya ya, mabye, mabye, mabye
No, no, no, no

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