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Nothins On My Mind

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[Chorus - Tra Knox - singing:]
Nothin's on my mind [16x]

[Verse 1 - Will Smith:]
Today I'm goin' freestyle
And everythin' is gonna be about me now
And I ain't doin' nothin', I'm gonna cool out
A little somethin' bumpin', but not too loud
Nothin' jumpin'
I'm gonna get my golf clubs
Or call me a masseuse, and get me a soft rub
Or noddin' with a mimosa, in my hot tub
Or two-way momma me, let's go and get a nice scrub
Yeah maybe that, or maybe I could swim some
Or rollin' in my Bentley, follow my rims some
Where? Yo, I don't know, care if none of my friends come
A hat and shades go out and try to blend some, yeah right
Days off is hard to come by
Especially for Hollywood's number one guy
So let me get to movin', while the sun is high
My cell is off, two-way is off
It's yearly crazy, today is gravy


[Verse 2 - Will Smith:]
Half awake and half asleep
As I watch the sun, it slightly moved a little past its peak
And I feel like Tom Hanks but it's perfect, I'm a "Cast Away"
Agenda full of nothin' but stuff to pass today
My sister asked me to cook somethin'
But that would fall into the category of doin' somethin'
And I done already said to ya'll that I ain't doin' nothin'
So let me say it again to be clea,r I ain't doin' nothin'
Hmm, phew, a breather
I meant what I meant, when I said, when I said it's all leisure
Neither, chart toppin' crowd pleaser
Phone rang Jada said, "Uhh he's uhh," I ain't home, so turn that phone off
Come and sit on my lap, and take a load off
And lay down into my arms, and we could doze off
To work as much as I work, I must be thrown off, what a day


Yo, yo, yo, mic check, mic check
Ah, that's cool

[Will Smith:]
That's hot right

Yeah, alright I'm gonna do the umm

[Will Smith:]
Hey Ramon help me out dog

This is hot

[Will Smith:]
Yo chief, yo Tone, come on

Nothin's on my mind [25x]
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