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A Bloodline Of Immortal Passion

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Alone I walk amongst the graves of fallen life
This empty silence haunts my soul
For I shall be at one with the insects of this soil
My flesh apart of the ever-withering cosmos
I am the last to stand amongst my fallen kindred
Extinction of my bloodline awaits

Realize this pain takes new formation
I cut my flesh to feel the pain of my ancients
Traditions of life, the origins of my wolven brethrin
We shall live on, Eternal as the oath to die

We are the sky....air and earth the seas of life
When the moon cascades its light upon my flesh
The transformation of unearthly powers shall commence
One of the night
The legacy of our bloodshed shall never die
We have hunted man since the dawn of time, and no one can take that from us

We are the night
Thieves of all life
The forest awaits, our home so valiant and true

The thirst for blood proliferates forevermore
They multiply, the halfbreed souls we've taken
The bloodshed of innocence so pure
Procreation of carnal life shall not subside
I bow my head for its now time

We are the sky...air and earth the seas of life
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