Texty písní Young Jeezy Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 Tear It Up Ft. Lloyd & Slick Pulla

Tear It Up Ft. Lloyd & Slick Pulla

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[Girl] Jeezy?...
[Jeezy] What up.
[Girl] Where u at?
[Jeezy] Shit I'm in tha hood where u think I'm at man ya
kno, shit...
[Girl] Still commin ova?
[Jeezy] Eh man what I tell ya earlier man I'll be through
there man.
[Girl] Uhh, I've been watin for ya since u left me...
[Jeezy] Sss, that's how you feel?
[Girl] Hum hum hum, Yea...

[Chorus ? Lloyd]
Red dogs hit my trap
Got me four a half a song been trapin' all day
Can't wait to get home,
Shawty in the bed she ain't got no panties on
Soon as I hit the door she already know it's on,
2 logs 2 shots of patron greygoose got her loose
A triple stack and it's on talking dirty on the chirp
Getting my grown man on
Get up in the guts
You know it's on 'til the morning

[Verse 1]
Got one baby mama, no bitch, no wife
Like pac, ya need a thug in your life (yea?)
A young nigga to straight come through and beat it up
Let ya man be the freak, he can eat it up (ha haa)
Shorty got that fire she ain't let me down yet (nope)
Got a Aquafina flow, call it well wet (damnn)
Baby good with her mouth, says the right things
Got a head on her shoulders, she does the right things (ha haa)
She a bad bitch, ya'll ready know
Face like Trina, and an ass like Jacki-o (ohh)
Got a gangsta on a mission (mission)
Best believe I know all the right positions (that's right..)
She like it slow from the front, fast from the back (back)
Put the pound game on her, hit her from the back (Jeahh)
I'm young and thuggin, I don't give a f**k
He can make love to you, I'ma beat it up...


[Verse 2]
Me & shawty in the coop, lord knows she's a star (star)
For some strange reason she likes to do it in the car (damnn)
She ain't the type that be running her mouth (nope)
So I keep it gangsta with her, let her come to the house (eyy)
Let her play matter wit slick, when we in the bedroom she like
to play with the stick (yea...)
know just how to handle her (how...)
No amateur baby, I got stamina (jeah)
Jeezy in the deck, now she grindin to the beat (beat)
Legs vibratin, now she messin up my sheets (ha haa)
Got a fistful of hair, and a fistful of ass (ass)
She came first, I came last, roll tha grass...(eyy)


[Verse 3 "Slick Pulla"]
We pull bad hoes, rip them, push them to the side
Cuz real players, keep reserves when its clinch time
Matter fact, my bottom bitch love to ride pine
She know when daddy leave the block, that its cut time
I'm in the trenches, getting riches wit my comrades
We 4 hoes up, like slacks in the player path
Pretty skin, silky hair, plus that ass fat (uh huh)
Fresh kicks on your feet, ya I'm diggin that
Slick consako, ya boys slingin wood bitch
You want that straight drop dick
Come to the hood bitch
I like scout them ghetto hoes up in 20 grand
Cuz them the ones be wit that freaky shit man
2 drinks, 3 beans, now she rollin man
The tool in her throat, I'm just tonsil patrollin man
True pro's with this shit, we ain't new jacks
We drill hoes and switch 'em up like fitted caps

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