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Supafreak Ft. 2 Chainz

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Last night it was Kush and Ciroc: I was super geeked
Cash flowing, money flowing, yeah that's a super week
Got em for the 26.5, now that's super-cheap
Can't you niggas tell? I'm just looking for a super-freak
Super-freak, super-freak, yeah you know I want a
Super-freak, super-freak, yeah you know I need a
Super-freak, super-freak, yeah you know I want a
Super-freak, super-freak, yeah you know I need a

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
What it do? What it is? What you working with?
Everytime you see me on grind: stay on that working shit
All I ever want's a bad bitch in a Chanel bag
Street niggas want her cause they know she got Chanel swag
Straight like that, yea I fuck with her the long way
Been bragging to my partners: I been talking about her all day
Pull up in that Super-coupe: you know them diamonds glistening
Too much money in the room, guess I hit her in the kitchen then
Get her to myself man, I ain't hit that girl yet
Now that I got her to myself man, you know I'm tryna get that girl wet
Keep it one thousand with you: I really think I'm diggin' her
Can't hear nothing but the money so she might just think I'm big enough


[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Rick James, super freak
She got that wet-wet: now that's a superleak
Tell your baby daddy that he's super weak
Fucked your girl last night: it only took a week
2 Chainz charm Cost 100 stacks
10,000 with my shirt off that's 100 tats
Ok I'm done with that, you can run with that, I'mma switch it up
This bitch I'm with is thick as fuck, I'm rich as fuck
Laying in the bed and I still got my semi tucked
Going online like, "When they gonna make that Bentley truck??"
My bankroll make em pay attention
The white girl like it when I whip it, whip it


[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]
She with me if I'm wrong or I'm right, yea she my type
Baby girl go and get the bread, you know what I like
Meet her at my low-key apartment, never at the house
Every time we got pulled over, never ran her mouth
Fuck with real niggas, get money baby, on the chain
Long as baby stay getting money, how can I complain?
Favorite girl, guess she got the skills just to pay the bills
Last nigga she was fuckin with was worth a couple mil
Even when she going for the low, says she's not a ho
Yeah you know that thing is super-wet: call it sloppy joe
Said she like it when I whip it fast then I whip it slow
Even though she got a lot of names, I just call her "blow"Explain
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